Best AIEEE Colleges- 2008 Analysis

Purely based on candidates preference of colleges in AIEEE 2008, following is the ranking of top 10 colleges.

1) IIIT- Hyderabad

2) NIT-Trichy

3) NIT- Warangal

4) NIT-Surathkal

5) MNNIT-Allahabad

6) IIIT-Allahabad

7) MNIT-Jaipur

8) PEC- Chandigarh

9) NIT-Calicut

10) NIT-Kuru.

Please note that this is not my personal opinion but a preference by candidates as per database of AIEEE (follow below link) for 2008. The similar database for 2009 exam has not yet been uploaded on AIEEE site.


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  1. Posted by Abbas on November 26, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Thank you very much for your services to NRI students residing in gulf countries. Sir, I am looking for AIEEE question papers and answer key for last few years. Could you help me to get them?
    Thanks a ton.

    • Thanks for your encouraging words. My main purpose to start this blog is to help NRI students as they don’t enjoy same level of AIEEE/JEE exam coaching centres. I have sent on your email AIEEE question papers and answer keys for last 6 years. Also, please know that there is a smart way of preparing for AIEEE by knowing few tricks to solve questions and following 80:20 rule ie. there are some chapters that are very scoring and AIEEE has special focus on them.

  2. Posted by ganesh on January 29, 2011 at 6:59 am

    Dear Raj,

    This time AIEEE and AFMC exam are on the same date. Students are in dilemma to take which exam , both are equally importamt to them.

    where is the contact place to inform either AIEEE or AFMC to rechedule the exam?



    • Please find below the contact info for AIEEE/AFMC.
      The Assistant Secretary (AIEEE Unit)
      Central Board of Secondary Education
      PS 1-2, Institutional Area
      IP Extension, Patparganj,
      Delhi 110 092
      Telephone #
      011-22239177-80 Extn. 110, 151 & 157
      Fax #
      Email Id

      Address : Armed Forces Medical College,
      Sholapur Road, Pune – 411040 Phone : 020 – 2682 0028 Fax : 020 – 2687 4759 Website :

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