How to get good marks in CBSE XII Board exam?

CBSE  XII exam is the most important stage in the academic life of any student. Especially for NRIs, good score in this exam ensures admission in good engineering colleges under DASA scheme. Under DASA scheme, you could get a branch and NIT of your choice if one can get 95% in PCM. Following are the advices for getting good marks in PCM in CBSE board exams:

1) NCERT books are like bible/gita/quraan- accord them utmost importance. Normally, nothing comes from outside NCERT book in Maths. Referring to any other book is not essential. Keep practicing/solving the SOLVED,EXERCISE,UNSOLVED problems of NCERT for n number of times. Make sure nothing is left from NCERT book. Take-up and solve the Sample Papers posted on CBSE website. In case, one can solve any problem contained in the NCERT book without any trouble then one is on the way to get 100 marks in Maths. Download cheat sheets and tables (lists all maths formulas) from Free Download section of this website and keep on the table for frequent revision

Maths Condensed formulas

2) Above statement on importance of NCERT book is applicable to Physics and Chemistry as well.

Read all concepts of every chapter in full detail from NCERT.

Prepare a list of all the DERIVATIONS in each chapter and write the proofs of these DERIVATIONS in your revision book.

Prepare a complete list of all the important formulae of the syllabus. Refer below link in the Free Download section of this website for condensed formulas for Physics

 Physics Condensed Formulas for XII.

Practice all the NUMERICAL type questions present in NCERT book-both solved and unsolved.

Make a list of important graphs/process/sketch present in NCERT text book.

Be 100% confident with all the Definitions and S.I. units of all the physical quantities dealt in the syllabus.

3) Previous year questions and sample papers are available from two publications 1) “U-Like Sample Paper in Physics (and Maths, Chemistry) by Best Book Publishing House and 2) ‘Together with Physics (and Maths, Chemistry) by Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd. The sample papers are printed by these publishers around Dec time when the exam pattern is set by CBSE.

4) CBSE has started to publish answer sheet of previous year’s topper (name of the student is not printed) on their website. Visit CBSE website at . Review how the answer (scope of answer, language of answer, presentation, supported by sketch or graph) was written by those toppers. Also, get familiar with the Sample Paper available on CBSE website as this is the pattern on which the paper will be set that year.

5) Get paid membership (costs about $25 per year) of academic websites like or . Here you get lot of stuff like NCERT solutions, study notes, chapter question paper, sample question paper. There are few free website offering question papers for different subjects and CBSE Sample Paper for X and XII can be downloaded from the Free Download section of this website itself. 

Good luck .


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